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Conference Activities 2008-

Programme Committee member and Workshop participant: ‘Religion on Social Media’. The Ninth International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM),  University of Oxford. May 2015.


Keynote paper: ‘Interpreting Cyber Islamic Environments'.  Conference. American University in Dubai/British Society for Middle Eastern Studies. Dubai. April 2015.


Paper: ‘Muslims Negotiating Modernities’ Conference. 'Islam, Social Media and the Cloud.' Vanderbilt University. September 2014.


Workshop (convener and presenter):International Society for Media, Religion and Culture, International Conference. University of Canterbury. 'Islam, Social Media and the Cloud.' August 2014.


Public lecture: 'Islam, Social Media and the Cloud.' KU Leuven. March 2014.


Event, Arab States in Transition: The West’s Mediterranean Challenge, Chatham House, London, November 2012

Public lecture/panel contribution, Royal Society of the Arts/Tony Blair Faith Foundation/Durham University, ‘Faith 2.0’, April 2011

Public Lecture, University of Cardiff, Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK Public Lecture Series,   'From Mosque to YouTube', February 2011. 

Paper, 'New Horizons in Islamic Area Studies'National Institute for the Humanities (NIHU), The University of Tokyo, Sophia University, The Toyo Bunko (Oriental Library), Kyoto University and Waseda University], December 2010

Paper, World Congress of Middle Eastern Studies, Barcelona, July 2010, iMuslims: Surfing Electronic Frontiers

Keynote paper, ‘Islam and the Media’ conference, The Center for Media, Religion and Culture, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Colorado, Boulder, January 2010. iMuslims: Islamic influence, authority and interpretation online.

Paper, ‘Rethinking Jihad: Ideas, Politics and Conflict in the Arab World & Beyond’, Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World, University of Edinburgh, September 2009, e-Jihad: a brief history.

Paper, BRISMES Conference, ‘Frontiers: Space, Separation and Contact in the Middle East', University of Manchester. July 2009, iMuslims: Surfing Electronic Frontiers.

Workshop, HEFCE, ‘Islamic studies: the way forward in the UK’ national conference, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London on 17 April 2008

Paper, ‘Wrathful God: Religious Extremism in a Comparative Perspective, Conference, Institute for Comparative and International Studies, Emory University, March 2008, Jihadi Networks of Cyber-Authority.



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