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iMuslims Reviews cont/d

"Bunt demonstrates an unparalleled command of the many and diverse manifestations of Islam on the Internet. Thoroughly comprehensive and up-to-date, iMuslims offers a wealth of examples throughout, allowing the reader to come away with a firm sense of the rich world of 'cyber-Islamic environments.'" Peter Mandaville, author of Global Political Islam

'Bunt redirects our attention from the web to the Muslims who make use of it. The study of Islam on the internet has come of age.’ Jakob Skovgaard- Petersen, Director of the Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Institute in Cairo

"A near-encyclopedia of Islam online." Publishers Weekly

"His study is laudable for breaking ground in an area that is inherently difficult to research due to its scope, complexity, vagueness, and expansiveness." Gabriel Weimann, Sociology of Religion

"This book provides a refreshing report on the world’s contemporary Muslim community, and raises stimulating questions that will contribute to the ongoing discussion on the adaptability of religion in the computer age." Clifton Martin, MEI Bulletin

"iMuslims in an excellent guide to the emergence of 'specific forms of online Islam'. What is really new, as Bunt shows so powerfully, is the contribution of concerned and thinking Muslims, with no background in traditional education..." Adnan Farooqi, The Book Review (India)

" ... [And as] Gary Bunt, a scholar who has studied Muslims’ use of the Internet extensively, writes in his excellent book i-Muslims..." Bruce Etling, Internet & Democracy Project, Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University (comment in article)

"Bunt is well-informed..." Paul Aarts, Lecturer International Relations at the University of Amsterdam, 'Blogging Towards Utopia' (hivos.net review)

" ... the book can be recommended for the general public because it explains Islamic terms from the outset without requiring prior knowledge, for security authorities interested in the development and range of e-jihad, and for scholars who need a reliable survey of and information on the broad spectrum of CIEs in the early twenty- first century." Jens Kutscher, HSK [hsozkult.geschichte.hu-


" ... the clear strength of iMuslims rests in boldly going where many have not:  laying the groundwork and asking scholars to unpack what, at first pass, looks to many like unholy bedfellows for the sake of understanding the effect of Internet technologies on theology. Like any piece of original software, the bugs and glitches may be overlooked while users eagerly await an upgrade."  Dominic Bocci, Muftah.org


"The text is suitable for both the undergraduate and graduate classroom. It is written in accessible language and will appeal to the specialist and non-specialist alike. Bunt's work fills a niche market that has received less academic attention than it deserves." Deborah L. Wheeler (United States Naval Academy). International Journal of Middle East Studies, Volume 44, Issue 03, August 2012, pp 612-614



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